Estate Administration & Probate

Following death there is a need to ensure the smooth transmission of the deceased’s assets to the nominated beneficiaries or next of kin of the deceased.

If you have been appointed an Executor of a Will or Administrator of an Estate you have legal obligations to ensure that the:

  • Deceased’s body is properly buried or cremated;
  • Estate assets are secured;
  • Estate debts are paid;
  • Beneficiaries or next of kin are properly identified;
  • Estate assets are sold or transferred to the correct beneficiaries;
  • The deceased’s and any estate taxation is paid;
  • Estate accounts are prepared and filed in court if required.

In many estates it will be necessary for the Executor or Administrator to apply to the Supreme Court of NSW for a Grant of Probate or Administration to enable the Executor or Administrator to deal with the estate assets.

The APJ Law Wills & Estates Planning Team can assist Executors or Administrators carry out their duties and advise beneficiaries of their legal entitlement to estate assets.

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